Spring Flower Project

Each Spring MCDF fills the community planters with beautiful flowers that brighten the Village through Summer and into Autumn.  It takes an incredible team to accomplish this, including people who donate to sponsor a planter, others who plant the plants, and more who volunteer to water all summer.  Karen Wackerly is the project Chairperson.  In 2019, the following people helped to make this all happen.  


Bill & Darletta Shank, Dick Ferguson, Carol Brawley,  John & Carol Scandridge, Tom & Flo Furey, 

Bob & Sue DeLong, Jenna & Jack Frase,  Susan Joyce, Beth & Trish Meiser, Skeeter Richards, 

G.L. Auto Glass, Doug & Kathi Schmidt,  Joan Schmidt, Bill & Janet Steiner, JoAnne Cinson, Linda & Lee Faa,  Jackie Contini, Larry DeDent, Karen Wackerly,  Janet & Bill Wolfe, Barb & Nevin Crater,  

 the Ted Street Family, David LePore, Jim & Charm Woods, Shirley Columbo, Steve & Jennifer Barnett (paid for by the candidate), Bob & Marlene Crowl Family, Gary & Beth Pearce, Dave & Patty Van Horn, Richard L. Smith,  Janet Casper, Bob & Betty Santucci, Contini Insurance Agency,  

the Russell Family Reunion, Samuel & Ann Bake (the Ostarchvic Family),  JoAnn Gotchall,  Sid & Fran Popovich, Shaun & Darcy Pearce (Backyard Life), Theresa Andreski, Mike & Rhonda Chiurco, Don LeBeau, American Legion Valley Post 375, Jack Buettner,  Dick Wackerly, Rotary Club of Malvern, Patricia Cinson Tierney, Lorraine Galay Baldwin, Barbara Galay Baldwin, Michael J. Hulit, DDS 

PREP TEAM: Alan Artzner, John Chiurco, John Adams, Irene Adams, Greg Hellyer, Tony Smolinsky, Kenny Geiger, Jim Halter, Jim Cinson, Nolan Champer, Kristy Payne

PLANTERS: Karen Wackerly, Beth Meiser, Trish Meiser, Susan Joyce, Charm Woods


WATERERS: Crowl Interior Employees, Bob Reed, Ray Bobo, Dick Byrd, Marshal Jones, Jackie Contini, Charm Woods, Karen Wackerly, Lynn Edwards, Vince & Dana Slabaugh, Motorist Mutual Employees, Jessica Russell, Malvern Library Employees, Shirley Columbo, Malvern Post Office Employees, Skeeter Richards

ALSO, Sandy Gahan maintains the area at the Creekside Overlook mini park and Fire Siren Tower; Carol Brawley maintains the Rose Garden by the bridge; John and Irene Adams helped with flower ordering, mulch donations, soil preparation and maintenance.  Robertson's Building Center donated topsoil for the planters.